What Are The Best Books To Read About Method Acting?


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Method Acting came from Russia but is a truly American rendering of the work of Constantin Stanislavski. There are three main method teachers, Strasberg, Meisner and Adler. The best books on Method Acting are as follows:

A Dream of Passion - by Lee Strasberg
Sanford Meisner on Acting - by Sanford Meisner
Method Acting - Dwight Easty
Method Acting Reconsidered - David Krasner (ed)
Strasberg at the Actors Studio - Robert Hethmon
Respect for Acting - by Uta Hagen
The Art of Acting - by Stella Adler
No Acting Please - by Eric Morris
The Great Acting Teachers and their Methods - Richard Bresthoof
A Method to their Madness - Foster Hirsh
The Complete Stanislavsky Toolkit - by Bella Merlin

Books that might be considered critical of the Method

Acting without Agony - Don Richardson
True and False - by David Alan Mamet
The End of Acting - by Richard Hornby

Those are the best books to read, of course there exists still many nonsense books on acting that can't help you but will take your money thanks very much!

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