What Color Do You Look Best In?


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I still haven't figured that out! Lol :)
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After I passed 40, I didn't care anymore.  I pick what I like.I had the "seasons" test done and still have the swatches that look the best on me.When I get rich, I'll buy clothes in those colors.
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jacques slabouz answered
I tried all colors...just don't work unless it is black or white.(I have dark hair and complexion)   (I'm  russian)
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Black. Or maybe it's just that I'm trying to hide lol, but I have more black in my wardrobe than any other colour.
(It used to be blue)
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Red and Black, some green though it makes my green eyes stand out!!
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Is transparent a color? Just kidding. I think blues or greens because it brightens up my eyes more. More people make comments on my eyes when I wear either of those colors.

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