Describe The Poem "The Two April Mornings" By William Wordsworth.


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The poem "The Two April Mornings" by Wordsworth is a simple but beautiful poem. In this poem the loss of a dear child has been expressed with pain and sorrow. The poem contains some fine touches of beautiful natural description. However, the entire atmosphere of this poem is dominated by tragic reality of death.

Once the poet and an old school master Mathew set out for a day's outing on a fine April morning. Suddenly Mathew fixed his eyes on a mountain top and heaved a sigh of pain. The poet asked him the cause of his grief. The old man replied that he was struck by the memory of a similar April morning of thirty years ago. He was coming back from a fishing trip. He stopped by the grave where his daughter, Emma lay buried. She was the pride of the whole valley and sang like a nightingale. She was only nine years old when she died.
There he met a girl who appeared very much like his dead daughter.

She was young and beautiful with long wet hair. She walked so lightly and freely as if a wave was dancing merrily on the sea. The sight aroused a strange feeling in him. He felt love and pain in his heart. At the same time his loss seemed to be compensated in the living girl. But the fear of death made him shake off the resemblance between the two. He could not wish her to be his daughter.
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In his poem "The Two April Morning" William Wordsworth express the loss of a young girl with lots of pain and sorrow.Name of young girl is Eisha.It is a story of a person who had lost his little daughter 30 years ago.And really miss his daughter and when he saw a little girl who looked like his daughter and was as beautiful as her daughter.He gave her love and all pain which was hidden in heart of old man.Then he wish her not to be her daughter as she died too young and he  doesn't want the same for her.

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