Describe The Poem "Dejection-An Ode" By Coleridge?


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This poem is an expression of deep despair and dejection. The poet mourns the loss of his poetic faculty. He looks back at his youth when he was full of hope and vigour of life. He could write beautiful poems. But the fever and fret of this world and his growing interest in metaphysics have declined his poetic faculties. Now, beautiful natural objects do not inspire him.

The poem opens with a superstition. It is believed that the appearance of the old moon in the lap of new foretells a storm. His prophecy comes true. The storm comes but its wind fails to stir up his thoughts. He recalls to his mind the olden days when external storm produced a storm in his mind. His lofty thoughts acquired the shape of beautiful poems. This brings the poet to the conclusion that nature is incapable of inspiring him. He thinks that the source of inspiration lies within our own soul.

The poet feels dejected. He wishes to forget the gloomy thought that he is failing as a poet. He turns his attention towards the howling wind but finds no peace. In the midst of his despair and sleeplessness, he wishes a sound and peaceful sleep for his beloved. He prays that his beloved may never be as upset and dejected as he is tonight.

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