Can You Describe The Poem "Stanzas Written In Dejection" By Shelley?


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The poet is sitting on the sands near an ocean. The whole atmosphere around him is gay and happy. The warm sun, the clear sky, the dancing waves of the sea, the birds and the snowy mountains-all are adding to the charm of the scene. The pleasant and life-giving atmosphere impresses him much. But he is sad at the thought that in this world of beauty and gaiety he is deprived of all the blessings that a man of elevated thoughts aspires to have.

Other people around him are enjoying life. For them life is full of joy and pleasure. But the callous indifference of man and nature has made his life miserable and painful. The cup of his life has been filled by the poison of woes and worries. People have not accepted his revolutionary thoughts.

His message of hope and love has been rejected. So his miseries will never come to an end. He will have to face pain and despair till death. He wants to lie down and weep so that his tears may wash away all the agony of his soul. He says that after his death some people will call him impassive and insincere. But the fact is that they themselves have always been impassive and insincere to him.But he believed that one day the world will recognize his greatness. Time will prove the real worth and value of his ideas. The poem is beautiful because of the intensity of feelings and the simplicity of language.

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