Can You Describe The Poem "I Am The Only Being" By Emily Bronte.


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This beautiful poem by Emily Bronte is auto bio-graphical in nature. It expresses a very personal experience of loneliness and deprivation. It also shows merciless indifference of people towards their fellow beings. We share her feelings, when she blames herself for her pain and misery.

Emily Bronte says that since her birth she has led a very lonesome and neglected life. No one has ever shared her joys or sorrows. She thinks that she is so unfortunate that even her death won't make anyone shed a tear for her. Happiness never knocked at the door. She was as lonely and friendless in her youth as on her birthday. Now she has crossed the dreamy days of ambitious youth. She admits that her life has been very sad and charms less. She was so much starved for love that she longed for any man to love her. But there again she met disappointment as she failed to kindle the flame of love in any heart. Now her youth has melted away and the passion of love has also died. Her constant failure to turn the things in her favour frustrated her beyond hope and imagination.

When Emily analyzed the situation she was surprised to know that human beings were all devoid of truth and sincerity. They were all selfish and hollow. She probed further and was shocked to find the same evil dominating her own mind also. The poetess is honest and frank enough to say that others were not totally responsible for her pain and torture and she herself is equally to be blamed. This discovery reduces her pain and grief. She learns that there is no utopia in this world and no one is perfect.

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