What Is The Explanation Of Hope By Emily Bronte?


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The Explanation of Hope by Emily Bronte is a poem that this famous poetess wrote under a nom de plume, or pen name. The poem itself is about losing hope; at the beginning of the poem, Emily Bronte (writing as Ellen Bell) feels and senses Hope in her life; over time, as experiences and negative emotions scar the poetess from within,  she retreats into despair, and she cannot feel hope in her life, except as the sound of weeping just beyond her window.

  • Powerful and solemn

Powerful, solemn, and beautiful, this tragic poem is also simple and provocative. Many people can relate to the imagery and emotions of Hope by Ellen Bell (Emily Bronte), for most people have gone through dark phases in their lives and felt that Hope had deserted them. However, for most people, hope does return and life gets better. For the protagonist of Bronte's poem, life does not improve, and Hope flies away forever, like a bird that rises into the sky and disappears from view.

  • Understanding poetry

At school, poetry is analysed line by line, and any allegories or symbolism is dissected. As each line's meaning becomes clearer, it is easier to understand the overall purposes, or message, of the poem. Some poems, such as Hope, have very clear messages that are easy for almost anyone to understand; however, other poems may be far more cryptic. For example, the poems written by T.S. Eliot are known for their layered symbolism; these sorts of poems take much longer to decipher (although they are beautiful, simply for their rhythm, meter, and use of language).

Emily Bronte also wrote the classic novel, Wuthering Heights, and she was (and is) known as the sister of Charlotte Bronte, who wrote Jane Eyre. Emily Bronte remains a strong female role model for generations of literary women.

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