What Is The Explanation Of All The World's A Stage By William Shakespeare?


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William Shakespeare says men and women in this world play their part as it is destined in seven stages. The stage is well set as to how one enters and exits.

One man passes through seven stages in his life from when he is born into the hands of the nurse to the final stage where he leaves this wide theatre, the world. In the second stage, he grows from infancy to a boy with shining face. He  reluctantly goes to the school. Next stage is the teenage, filled with love and passion where his heart rules the head. He is an ardent lover praising his beloved all the time. From a man of emotions, he is turned into a sturdy and bold soldier who is ready to fight and make sacrifices even in the face of danger. With advancing age, maturity and wisdom he assumes the role and attire of a Judge in the next stage. He makes judicious and uncompromising decisions. In the sixth stage he becomes physically weak, fail and looks like a pantaloon. He faces problems of loss of vision, memory and his manly voice now resembles to that of his childhood voice. In the last stage he loses senses almost everything teeth, taste, vision and gets back to the stage of an infant, which the poet aptly calls as the second childhood.

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