Can You Help Me To Poetically Analyze The Seven Ages Of Man By Shakespeare?


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This is in the form of Iambic Pentameter, a verse form made popular by Shakespeare, not only in this play, but in several others. He also popularised Trochee, "Double, double, toil and trouble",   Dactyl, Spondee and Anapest rhyme to suit the occassion, or the speaker. Sometimes, as in the ramblings of a clearly dysfunctional Richard 111, the narrative is unbalanced and recited in mixed meters, where, towards the end of the play Richard confronts the ghosts of those he caused to have murdered, and therefore speaks in this distressed fashion with no accepted rhyming metre. Iambic Pentameter is in the form of five beats to the line, therefore, " ALL THE WORLD's A STAGE?/ And ALL the MEN and WOmen MErely PLayers, the capitals form the stress pattern of Iambic Pentameter. Most Shakespearean verse form is in a 10 syllable line, you would do well to read Romeo and Juliet, especially Friar Lawrence, "Care KEEPS his WATCH in EVEry OLD man's   EYE/ And WHERE care LODges SLEEP will NEver LIE". Time yourself, by counting the stress patterns on your fingers! It works!

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