What Was The Political Situation In England When Shakespeare Wrote The Play?


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Julius Caesar was written, because Londoners, fearing the death of the Tudor Queen, Elizabeth, and knowing that she was the last of the Tudors, wanted to know who would succeed her.
Would there be a republic?
Would there be a monarchy?
Riots broke out, as either faction strove to make itself heard, and, Shakespeare, always the, 'peoples poet', wrote about a Roman Caesar who would become Emperor of Rome, however, the Senate, jealous of his power,
engineered his downfall, after his death, the play then went on, to resolutely seek out the murderers of Caesar, and bring about their own deaths.
thanked the writer.
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The main acting company, 'The Queen's Men' were introduced by Sir Francis Walsingham, as political propaganda in 1583.
They would go around the Home Counties, and enact specially written plays incorporating the State, Queen, Nation and Protestant religion.
The play, King John, was permitted, because John, although a Roman Catholic king, fought against the power of Rome!

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