Why Was The Play Othello By William Shakespeare A Tragedy?


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Othello is perhaps one of the most tragic plays by William Shakespeare. It touches on nearly all of mans emotions and states from love, hate, jealousy, revenge and betrayal. The story has the beautiful Desdemona eloping with a Venetian General and noble Moor Othello. The father of Desdemona accuses Othello of witchcraft but he defends him self purposefully. Later he is sent to the Isle of Cyprus to defeat the invading Turks. His wife accompanies him.

Othello has Cassio as his lieutenant and Iago his ensign. Iago resents the fact that Cassio was made lieutenant and plans on revenge. He has the rank and title of the lieutenant stripped and then manipulates him to ask for the same to be reinstated through Othello's wife. He then succeeds in making Othello believe that his wife has been unfaithful to him with Cassio owing to which Othello kills his wife in bed. Othello commits suicide when he realizes his mistake and is captured.
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  Othello is, oddly, not geographically sound! Roderigo goes to Brabanzio, the father of Desdemona, to tell him that his daughter has just married the General of the army Othello, who is black! A very annoyed Brabanzio complains to the Duke of Venice. Meanwhile, Othello, Desdemona and an army company, travel down the Adriatic, around the corner into the Aegean, and across to Cyprus, where they make their headqurters in the army camp. Othello makes Cassio his lieutenant, above the older Iago, who complains vociferously, to Roderigo!  Well, what the hell is he doing there! He is a civilian!

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Because the moor or the hero of the play is man of great abilities and of good birth

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