When Was Othello Written?


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Approximately 1602-1604.
In my essay I put 1603 because a lot also went on in the same year making it more interesting for the readers.
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'Othello' is a play. It was written by William Shakespeare in 1602.It is a one page story. This story comprises of 27,892 words.

William Shakespeare wrote 'Othello' before 'King Lear and Macbeth' and 'Hamlet'. 'Othello' is one of Shakespeare's greatest tragedies. It was not written for reading in schools. But it is to be seen and heard in live performance. It is a beautiful and deeply sad love story and personal tragedy.

The story of Othello is set against the backdrop of the wars between Venice and Turkey in the Sixteenth century. Stories written by William Shakespeare are very humane and timeless. They are classic and can be adapted to cinema.

One can make films for all his stories. His stories are so humane that they can be adapted to anything and the characters of the stories are very relevant.

Othello was very popular during 18th and 19th centuries. Many actors performing the role of Moor in Othello got awards.
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