How Does Petruchio Tame The Shrew In William Shakespeare's Play?


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The William Shakespeare play "The Taming of the Shrew" had Petruchio as the friend of Lucentio agreeing to marry Shrewish Katherine so that the way for his friend in marrying the other daughter of Baptista the gentle Bianca is clear. As one of the conditions to the latter being married by the father is that the former should find a husband first. Petruchio at first meeting Kate converts or interprets all her insults as sexual innuendos and matches her in her words. Seeing this Baptista the girl's father agrees to the match.

After they are married Petruchio begins the process of taming the shrew, his new wife Kate. He does this by not allowing her any sleep and by not allowing her to eat anything by making up odd reasons for not allowing the same. He also buys her beautiful clothing but ultimately tears them up himself. By the end of it all she is so defeated that she is willing to call the moon the sun or vice versa but if her husband is to so wish it.
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Because he is the shrew himself. Petruchio uses brass and somewhat cruel ways to torture Katherine to bend to his will, he defeats her to the point of she not having any will of her own.

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