How Many Plays Did William Shakespeare Write?


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He wrote 37! These are them in chronological order!

1. Two gentlemen of Verona
2. Taming of the Shrew
3. Henry VI part 1
4. Henry VI part 3
5. Titus Andronicus
6. Henry VI part 2
7. Richard III
8. The Comedy of Errors
9. Love's Labours Lost
10. A Midsummer Nights Dream
11. Romeo and Juliet
12. Richard II
13. King John
14. The Merchant of Venice
15. Henry IV part 1
16. The Merry Wives of Winsor
17. Henry IV part 2
18. Much Ado About Nothing
19. Henry V
20. Julius Caesar
21. As You Like It
22. Hamlet
23. Twelfth Night
24. Troilus and Cressida
25. Measure for Measure
26. Othello
27. All's Well That Ends Well
28. Timon of Athens
29. The Tragedy of King Lear
30. Macbeth
31. Anthony and Cleopatra
32. Pericles, Prince of Tyre
33. Coriolanus
34. Winter's Tale
35. Cymbeline
36. The Tempest
37. Henry VIII
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William Shakespeare was born in 1564, although his exact birth date is not known. He died in 1616, aged 52 years.

His first play, Henry VI, Part one, was written in 1589-1590, when he was around 25 years old. He wrote a total of 37 plays. Of these several were comedies like The Comedy of Errors, A Midsummer Nights Dream, and The Taming of The Shrew etc. He penned many tragedies as well, namely, Romeo and Juliet, Macbeth, Othello, Hamlet etc. He also wrote one hundred and fifty four sonnets. Other popular plays by Shakespeare include King Lear, Merchant of Venice, Anthony and Cleopatra.

Shakespeare married at eighteen, to a lady eight years his senior, Anne Hathaway. They had eight children.
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William had 3 children and died in 1616. He wrote 37 plays and had some popular lines such as "to be or not to be"
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They didn't have 8 children they had 3
Look it up on wiki
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No, He and Anne Hathaway had three children, Susannah, Hamnet and Juliet. It was his father and mother, who had eight children.
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He had currently 37 plays in total
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He wrote 37 in total cause unpublished ones count
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I know and it is 37 plays & 154 sonnets, because I teach high school and collages :D
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He write 37 plays
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William Shakespeare was a popular English poet and playwright. He is known as the greatest writer and dramatist of English language. He is known as the National poet of England.

Shakespeare had written 38 plays in his life. Apart from that he had also written 154 sonnets, 2 long narrative poems and several other poems. His plays have been translated into many other languages of the world.

His career ranged between the years 1585 and 1592. He was well known poet, writer and actor of London during those years.
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His career ranged between say 1585 and sometime after 1611, for that was when he wrote 'The Tempest' the last play solely attributable to him. 'The Two Noble Kinsman', followed, but that was written in collaboration with John Fletcher.
In 1592, he was introduced to London theatregoers by a malicious rant from Robert Greene, "There is an upstart crow amongst us....."
Nor was he a good actor, in that he was encouraged to write after 'corpsing' a few times on stage.
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Shakespeare wrote a total of 37 plays - you can see a complete list here

He also wrote a number of long poems and sonnets. If you type Shakespeare into the Blurtit search box you will find a lot of questions and answers about him, which might be helpful to you.
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William Shakespeare was a very important man that new a lot of stuff. H wrote 38 plays total
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William shakespeare wrote 37 plays in his life however he also wrote one unsuccessful play making a total of 38plays
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He wrote 37 plays in total but he also wrote 154 sonnets. Hope that's useful to y'alll ! :)
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It's all very well saying he wrote 37 plays, but he didn't! He probably "Wrote" 50 or more! The rest, are lost, as is Cardenio, and Love's Labour's Won. Some, are possibly alternate titles, (Henry V111, or, All Is True) whatever, I believe, from his prodigious output, that Shakespeare wrote MORE than 37 plays!
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William shakespeare wrote 648 plays 209 com-ady and 307 tragics and one romance
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A contempory of his, John Haywood, is accredited with having written 200 plays, this is the number I would associate with Shakespeare.

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    In the first place, a contemporary of his, (John Haywood), wrote some 200 plays, therefore, it is entirely possible, that Shakespeare wrote just as many!

  And why not?!  Some of his works have alternative titles, two of his plays are supposed lost, the turnover of work meant that the theatres offered a different play every day, therefore, there was no gathering up of play scripts, they were left to themselves while the company got on with the next one!
  He was supposed to have started off as an actor, but reverted to playwrighting, because he was so lousy at it!

  A little suggestion here, a small addition there, to plays then being written, led him into developing his writing skills until he felt able to offer his own work to the company for public appraisal.

  Therefore, I believe Shakespeare to have written far more than the 37 plays attributed to him, more like 180+! 

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Just to say he writ 37 plays look it up !!!!!!!!!!!! This guy is write

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I go with 37 if I get that wrong then ill probably  the going to have to do the 9th grade over again...... Bummer :/
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I really think that you people are to funny!! Just google it and see what you get and ONE you not going to get all the play he wrote so you!!!1
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No offence but all of you lot who come on here and actually write answers are quite sad :L why are you obsessed with some boring writer ?? By the way I'm only on here for my english homework and am copying the answers from the internet.

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