What's Analysis Of Song In EMILY BRONTE 's Poem?


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To read Emily Bronte's poem "Song", click the following link:


The poem appears to be about a woman that has passed, assumedly from the position of a man who loved this woman. We can assume this since the last line in the first paragraph says "that hide my lady fair." In the opening and second paragraph, Bronte talks about the linnet, the moor-larks, the bees and other animals. This is to emphasise the life that still continues to blossom around the lady that has passed. She discusses the wild deer that 'browse above her breast' and the wild birds leaving her solitude, indicating that although the woman has deceased, life still continues without her, as all life does, as if nothing has happened.

The poem then goes on to imply an indignant feeling at the fact that all those who once loved this woman have now carried on with their lives and are not suffering in the way the narrator of the poem had imagined. Almost as if she never existed at all. At the same time, the narrator highlights the fact that the woman is no longer alive to recognise whether or not people are mourning for her, by suggesting "and, if their eyes should watch and weep, till sorrow's source were dry, she would not, in her tranquil sleep, return a single sigh!" 

Ultimately, the life that continues around and beyond the woman is now irrelevant since she is now at rest, and no longer plagued or troubled by the sounds and feelings around her, as she remains in her endless slumber.

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