What Is The Literary Analysis Of The Poem Like The Molave By R. Zulueta Da Costa?


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The literary analysis of the poem, The Molave by R. Zulueta Da Costa, is that everyone has the ability to change and improve their lives and their environment, if only they are willing to make the effort and put in some time and hard work. Written by a Filipino poet, R. Zulueta Da Costa, The Molave is about pride and patriotism of this unique, family-oriented south east Asian island; however, the poem is also about acceptance of other people who come to the Philippines to live. The poem is about peace, and it's about making a better life in the country, through the efforts of all of that country's citizens.

  • Understanding poetry 

To understand poetry, it's important to read through poems carefully and listen to your instincts; for example, how do lines of verse make you feel? Once you interpret your emotions, look at individual lines and words and examine their meanings. Chances are, your first emotions and feelings were quite correct, and, if you discuss your impressions with an English teacher, you may find that your instructor or mentor will reinforce your initial perceptions. However, sometimes, poems carry cryptic meanings, and you may need some expert assistance to sort out the poet's true message.

  • Allegories and symbols

For example, poets often use historical allegories or ancient symbolism to tell a story or make a point; often, a teacher will understand these poetic features and be able to explain them to you. At a high school level, poems will be dissected line by line; for example, the plays of Shakespeare, which have frequent poetic sections written in the meter known as iambic pentameter, will be carefully analysed and explained.

Poems written in other eras may feature language that is rare nowadays, and that's another reason why good teachers are so helpful to students who are just learning poetry.

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