What Is The Interpretation Of The Poem Like The Molave?


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A collective interpretation of a poem is difficult as it can mean different things about different people. However - one of the main themes of the poem is that the author is encouraging the world to change for the better. It is suggested that the poem is telling readers not to be content with how things are and to make the changes that are required to improve our society.

  • The significance of the verse

There is a continuous theme throughout the poem of how there is so much to be done and that we should not be resting. It also appears that the author is pointing towards the young people in society and recognizing their capacity to make these changes and create a better world for all. This apparent through references such as:

  • "The youth of the land"
  • "A bastard child of a thousand dreams"
  • "sons and daughters"
  • "brother youths of the land"

The author of the poem is Rafael Zulueta da Costa and was born in the Philippines. He graduated through college and later started creating poetry in both English and Spanish. His collection of poetry known as "Like the Molave and Other Poems" is the work he is most famous for. So much so, that in 1940 it earned him a Commonwealth Literary Award for Poetry.

  • Further details for students

If you would like to learn more about Rafael Zulueta da Costa and his work then a quick Internet search will provide you with even more information. A copy of the poem can be found here

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