What Is An Example Of Free Verse?


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A free verse is a poem that doesn't follow any poetic guidelines like Haiku or a rhyming scheme.  A sipmle one might be like this:
The moonlight caresses my cheeks,
The wind combs through my hair,
The stars keep me company through the night.
The cool air conjures deep shivers.

Owls hoot
Crickets chirp
The river trickles down my spine.
Trees rustle freely to the
Gently howling wind.
Good night, Good night.

Ok, I'm sure that this poem is a free verse, when I wrote it I didn't go by any guideline(s) or rules.  I just let the words flow freely, and yet I managed to make some poetic sense.  When writing a freeverse poem one doesn't want to confuse anyone (pretty much the reader, or even the poet themself) with jibberish and words put in an order that doesn't say anything.  Hope this helps.
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Cricket is a religion to me
were we win and loose
people get experienced
and they rock

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