What Are Some Examples Of Prose Poetry?


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A Box by Gertrude Stein is a great example of prose poetry. You can read some of her work right here.

What is prose poetry?

Prose poetry is best described as any form of poetry that uses normal language, such as you'd speak in everyday conversation or writing (much as I am doing now).

Prose poetry tends to stray away from poetic conventions like rhyme and meter - but is still considered poetic because it holds on to that sense of heightened literary influence, the use of imagery, emotive language, and other poetic qualities.

The birth of prose poetry is thought to have taken place in 19th century France, where it was seen as a radical and rebellious shift away from the rigidly-structured Alexandrine metric form that was popular at the time.

Many people have used this style of poetry, with one notable example being Oscar Wilde.

Examples of Wilde's poetic prose include:

  • The Artist
  • The Doer of Good
  • The Disciple
  • The Master
  • The House of Judgement
  • The Teacher of Wisdom
You can read all of the aforementioned Oscar Wilde poems on

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