Why Does Prose Make The Point That Gossip Has The Qualities Of Good Fiction?


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Francine prose says in her essay that gossip has all the qualities of good fiction. Gossip is mainly done for enjoyment and entertainment. It reports us everything about our neighborhood and people living there. It is usually a blend of information and imagination. It also creates excitement and thrill among the listeners.

According to the writer gossip has a purpose and usefulness. Some people become a addict to gossip and feel restless without it. It is called "The unacknowledged poor relative of civilized conversation ". Some people thing that gossip is a little immoral. They say that it is meant for criticizing and back-biting others. It also causes wastage of time.

The writer says that in spite of some objections gossip has the essential elements of good fiction. It is tool of communication and understanding. Although Gestrude Stein told Hemming way that gossip can not be called literature, yet they are similar in many ways. The writer concludes that pacing, tone, clarity and authenticity are as essential qualities for gossip as well-made fiction. In her opinion gossip is not a time wasting, worthless activity. It is like a useful hobby which has its educative and moral value of this story.

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