What are the characteristics of prose?


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1) It is not written in any rhyming style. 2) It contains proper words, sentences, paragraphs etc.

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Hi there,

There are various characteristics of prose, it is a language that people use in stories, articles and books and  can be used in narratives such as fictional or informative non-fiction too.

I've listed a few characteristics of prose to help you identify a piece of prose:

Characteristics of Prose

1.  Prose does not contain poetic devices such as stanza's or couplets. In prose the language is not measured by poetic forms such as measured lines. Prose involves structured sentences and paragraphs as you would find in articles or stories.

2. Prose does not need to contain any rhyme or rhythmic language that you would find in poetry.

3. Prose can be often defined as providing information and communication. An example of prose could be an email sent to a friend, a transcript of a speech or a short story.

4. Prose has no deliberate meter or poetic structure that you would commonly find in poetry.  Prose tends to be organised in complete sentences and can be organised according to its subject matter.

5. Prose can be performed in the form of a drama or a play. Plays or dramas commonly used prose which can also contain everyday language and spoken word.

6. Most non-fiction texts are considered prose as they do not use poetry and do not contain dramatic stories or fictional tales written in conformity to the characteristics of poetic text.

I hope this helps to answer your question on the characteristics of prose!

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Prose is anything that is written
in sentence and paragraphs, without any rhyming or metrical structure. It exhibits
a grammatical structure and there is a
natural flow of speech with no rhythmic pattern.

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