What Are The Branches Of Prose?


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Prose comes from the Latin word 'prosa' which basically means 'straightforward'. So prose is exactly that; a piece of basic text written either in the form of an essay, short story, books, editorials or a verse. There is no fancy language or words, just nice easy straightforward writing. There isn't any formal structure with prose, unlike poetry which is generally written within a verse structure.
There are two types of prose writing:
  • Narrative - Narrative form is read like a story
  • Expository - Expository text is non fiction such as descriptive and analysis.
You may hear prose and poetry used in the same sentence, but there is a difference:
  • Poetry tends to rhyme and is written in a structure based on rhythmic patterns.
  • Prose is usually written in sentence and paragraphs with no poetic measure.
However, there is such thing as 'prose poetry' and some may say this is a contradiction. Prose poetry is a piece of writing that is written as prose but read as poetry. You won't find the line breaks that you see in poetry but you will see rhythm and verse. Prose poetry can be anything from two lines to a whole page and may explore many different styles and subjects.
You can find many examples of prose, poetry and prose poetry on the web. Have a read of a few examples as this will help you to identify the difference
between prose and poetry.
William Shakespeare was a great writer who was renowned for the prose poetry in his work. You will find examples of this in the witches of 'Macbeth' and the fairies in 'A Midsummer Night's Dream'.
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Prose is a form of expression in literature that formally deals with both fiction and non-fiction. That's the primary bifurcation of literature, beyond that literature can be classified into myriads of genres with respect to the subjects that it deals in. In case of non-fiction, it can be further classified into different genres with respect to the subject matter, it can be Science, Philosophy, books on Spirituality, Economics, Politics, Sociology, etc. In case of fiction prose can be classified with respect to the subjects that a particular body of work adheres to, for example Horror, Romance, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Chick literature, Satire, etc.
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It is how people take their problems in a book

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