What Is The Sub Branches Of Literature?


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There are many sub branches that literature can be divided into. The five most popular division are; fiction, non-fiction, poetry, drama and folklore. Within these branches there are a number of other sub divisions and outside of literature there are alternative categories of books.

Literature is defined as the art of written works and the five main sub branches of the art contribute towards the wide range of books that are available both in print and online. Literature is a term that is used to distinguish art-literature from other more vernacular works.

  • Fiction
The sub branch of fiction refers to any narrative work that deals with information and events that are not real, they have been imagined by the author. The term fiction can also be used to refer to theatrical, cinematic or musical work. Fiction can be divided into realistic fiction, non-realistic fiction and semi-fiction or by genres, for example romance, crime or horror.

  • Non-Fiction
In contrast to fiction, non-fiction works are those that deal with just factual information, evidence, events or experiences. It is assumed that the author is being truthful with the presentation of facts but in some cases the information may not all be correct.

  • Poetry
This is the form of literature that uses language for its aesthetic and evocative qualities in order to give meaning. Poems can be written on their own or as part of another branch of literature. Some poetry is specific to a culture or genre while some is meant to be approached with a more general scope.

  • Drama
Within literature, drama is the branch that is written as a representation of a performance. The structure of dramatic texts is influenced by collaborative performance and collaborative reception.

  • Folklore
The final sub branch of literature is considered to be folklore. These works are made up of legends, proverbs, jokes, oral history and fairy tales. They differ to fiction pieces as they are based on traditions of a culture rather than imagined by the author.

There are a number of ways that literature can be subdivided but one of the most popular methods is using the five sub branches listed above.
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