How Can We Differentiate Between The Fiction And Non-fiction? Please Explain In Detail.


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A literary work based on the imagination and not necessarily on fact is known as fiction while non fiction can be defined as prose writing that is not fictional. The rules and the regulations or the tools that are used for the fiction writing may not be effective for the non fiction writings. Non fiction stuff is less complicated, well-defined, and direct in nature. The writer or author of the fiction considers that the reader of the writings will understand things in his own way so he can use the metaphor and other techniques. But in case of non fiction the writer takes an account and writes the things in a very clear manner so that do not let the reader to suppose the things.

This is the major difference between these two arts or the terms. The reader of the non fiction has no need of taking pain in clearing and understanding the things in his own because this whole effort is made by the writer. The material on which the fiction is based should always be completely believable and convincing.
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To explain in detail would be quite short, as far as responses/answers go:
Fiction is "imaginary", or not based on facts.  Non-fiction is based on facts that can be proven, or claim to be able to be proven to be true.
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Fiction-books are made up by the author.
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Fiction- what exists
non-fiction- probably going to exist in the next century

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