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Like the Molave by Rafael Zulueta da Costa is a beautiful poem that likens the youth and vigor of Philippines youth to the beautiful Filipino Molave tree. In the poem, strong images of hard work, suffering, and bloodshed evoke the difficult life of the poorer classes in the Philippines, and the poet wishes that these generations of young people will show the same eventual strength, beauty, and longevity as a fully-grown Molave tree.

  • Learning more

Understanding poetry can be a pleasure - the best way to begin is to read the first line of a poem like Like the Molave and study each individual word - after you've looked for key words that might have special meaning, think about what the line of the poem means to you. For example, does the poem make you feel angry, sad, or anxious? Different poems evoke different emotions, and it's important to mull over the feelings evoked by each line, and by the poem as a whole. In this poem, the poet instructs a person named Rizal to keep working and growing stronger - the poet explains that there are "a thousand waters to be spanned" and that is not the time to rest or to give up.

  • Independence is a theme

Earning independence from the powers that be may also be a theme in this poem. The poor people of certain less-developed countries, such as the Philippines, have suffered through decades of oppression at the hands of dictators or the powers that be. This poem sends a clear message that only hard work, perseverance and a sense of dignity can help poor people break the chains of fate and destiny and seek out a better future, for them and the ones who come after them.

A teacher with good knowledge of Philippines literature can help to give more insight into this important poem.

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