What Is The Summary Of Poem Lochinvar?


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Lochinvar is a love poem. Lochinvar's lover, Ellen is getting married to a person whom she never loved.Lochinvar came in great hurry . Crossing the  river. Didn't stopped for a while... But when he came he saw that Ellen already married to someone else. He came and asked father of the bride that why he let  the boy married to Ellen and is his love last here? Lochinvar measure - means he dance with Ellen  when the groom's family keep on watching the two true lovers and when Ellen's mother was worring for their marriage.While dancing Lochinvar speaks something in Ellen's ear.And they were dancing round and round near the gate and as they reached near the gate, Lochinvar steals Ellen and take her with him on his horse back and they never returned. So this prove that Lochinvar is a brave, smart, strong, a true lover of Ellen and the groom is selfish,mean,and ofcourse a great LOSER!!!

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