What Is The Summary Of The Poem How Beautiful Is The Rain?


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The poem is a song of praise describing how welcoming it is to see rain after a hot day.

It was written by the great American wordsmith Henry Wadsworth Longfellow and demonstrates his ability to write with melodious words and rhythm.

The poet lived from 1807 to 1882 and started publishing his words at the age of 13. After school and college he became a professor of modern languages at the age of 22. By 1836 he had become a professor at Harvard University. But in 1854 he gave up his job and devoted all of his time to writing poetry.

He created a vast body of work over his lifetime and used all kinds of recognized writing skills such as anapestic and trochaic forms, blank verse, heroic couplets, ballads and sonnets. Scholars say he would carefully consider the subject of his poem before settling on which form to use on it.

The thing that sets him apart from other writers is his ability to write verses that sound musical. How Beautiful Is The Rain is a great example of this.

This is part of one of the verses, note how melodious it is:

From under the sheltering trees, The farmer sees His pastures, and his fields of grain, As they bend their tops To the numberless beating drops Of the incessant rain.

The poet himself referred to the importance of music in poetry saying: "What a writer asks of his reader is not so much to like as to listen".

Much of Longfellow's poetry imparts cultural and moral values. He was keen to promote happiness as coming from more than material goods. How Beautiful Is The Rain fits this mould. What could bring more joy than the simple pleasure of rain on a hot day?
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This poem celebrates rain as a force of nature. It looks at rain as a source of joy for people looking at it, of fun, eg for children sailing their boats, and then broadens out to look at what rain does for humanity - watering the crops and keeping life going. The tone is wholly positive - rain is warm, energetic (it is even compared to galloping horses) and full of life.
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This poem is written by a very famous poet - H.W. Longfellow. In the beginning of the poem he describes the hot summer streets which are broad and fiery but when the rain comes, and clatters on the roof.

Various people around the whole world enjoy the rain after the hot summer days. Even the sick man in the poem, from his chamber looks at the twisted brooks of the rain and its coolness turns his fevered brain to calm again, just as if there's some blessing on him.

The children from the neighboring schools enjoy the rain and even sail their mimic fleets in the rain water.

The farmer sits under the tree and looks at his pastures and fields as they bend in rain.

Everyone jst seems to thank god for this beautiful rain.

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just tell me a short summary of how beautiful is the rain

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This poem is all about rain and the importance of rain.all natures are beautiful but is it bringing food for you,does flowers bring food 4 you,the trees etc .but rain is,if it doesnt rain once a year, the cops are burnt and there is no chances of rain.rain is collected 4 drinking as well,in 1975,there was no rain in mali approximatly 4000 peoples died in hunger, and heat.rain brings happiness for every one like nature,humans soil, animals etc.
Pls comment on my summary and pls enjoy the poem how beautiful is the rain.

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