What Is The Summary Of 'Song Of The Rain' By Khalil Gibran?


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This poem is about rain&importance of rain. This is personified and the itself talks to says that when I fall I look like silver and thin threads of silver which keep the sky & earth connected.i am dropped by heaven beings known as gods by the people of earth.when I fall the nature i.e.the trees ,the rivers,the animals greet me and with my blessings the nature becomes greener and active. It says I was once the beautiful pearl of the crown of the great goddess ishtar and the daughter of dawn took me out of it so that I could decorate her fields. It says that when I fall the hills enjoy and laugh with happiness,the flowers smile and show their happiness and everybody on earth becomes happy &celebrate. It says that the field and the clouds are lovers and I act like a messenger between them.i satisfy the thirst of people& fields. When I arrive the thunder roars in my respect and when I leave the rainbow comes out.i am the life of earth whIch begin in soil and ends in the shadow of death. AFTER THIS WATER CYCLE IS BEING TOLD BY THE POET.. 25--when I come all hear my welcome song but there are only a few who understand it. Water it properly you'll understand... AR
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The speaker of the poem (the 'I') is the rain itself, so the poem tries to imagine the rain as a living, thinking being (this device is called personification.) Gibran imagines the rain as embodying the immortal spirit of life, love and the interconnectedness of all things.

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