What Is The Summary Of The Necklace?


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The necklace is a story written by Guy de Maupassant. The story is about Matilda Loisel who belongs to a middle class family of clerks and she marries a clerk. Matilda thinks that she should have been leading a life of luxury so she is unable to keep herself happy in her current situation. She thinks that she is fit of jewels and pretty dresses. Her husband has exactly opposite views and he is very happy in whatever they have. One day her husband gets an invitation for a party given by Minster of Public Instruction, when Matilda hears this she says she will need a suitable dress which will cost 400 francs. Her husband gives her the money he had been saving to buy a gun for hunting. Next she says she needs jewellery and decides it to borrow from her friend who also has a diamond necklace. She attends the ball and is very happy but on returning home she realizes that she has lost the necklace. They report it to the police and the paper but it sis not turn up, she tells the owner that she broke the clasp and had sent it to be repaired. They pool in all they have and buy a similar diamond necklace for thirty six thousand francs and return it. Now they have to live a life of poverty and she constantly thinks how different their life could have been if she had not lost the necklace. One day she sees her friend from whom she borrowed the necklace and decided to tell her the truth. When she hears about it she is shocked and tells Matilda that it was fake and did not cost more than 5oo Francs.

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