What Is The Critical Appreciation Of The Rain By W.h.davies?


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Rain is one of the most beautiful phenomena of nature. It lends a great charm to the scenes and sights of nature as a nourishing food but before that it provides enormous pleasure while falling. The sprinkling of rain water which falls drop by drop on the leaves below creates a music which is sweet to hear. The poet enjoys the musical display of rain and revels in it. A sensitive soul as he is, does not fail to observe the miserable condition of the poor man sitting under the tree. He suffers in wet cold weather. His exposure to nature has bereft him of scene of pleasure.

The poet continues enjoying even when the rain stops. The sun appears again and the beautiful sunshine brightens up or sparkles each drop. The drops look like glittering pearls. The poet hopes that this lovely sight continues to exist and adds to the charms of nature.
Those who love rains wait for it throughout the year and keep ready to pounce upon an opportunity to go out for picnic on a rainy day. Beautiful dark clouds render a magical charm to the natural scenery. So on a rainy day people throng the picnic spots. They take eatables with them so that longer stay at the spot doesn't deprive them of their
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Summary of the poem the rain by w.h.davies

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