Write A Critical Appreciation Of The Poem "Snake" By D.H. Lawrence.


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D.H. Lawrence is a well-known English poet, novelist, critics and essayist. His novels are noted for their realistic and psychological treatment of man-woman sexual relation ship. He developed a personal philosophy that the instincts are superior to the reasoning of the mind. He was essentially a moralist who believed that modern man was becoming divorced from his natural feelings. The poem "Snake" is among Lawrence's well known poems. In this poem he has narrated the story of his incidental meeting with a snake. He was fascinated by his dignified and quiet ways. He loved and respected him as a guest.
The poem has several layers of meaning.

It points out poet's reaction of fear and fascinating to the snake. There is a conflict between his natural feelings and his rational thinking. The poem pints out how our feelings of affection are crushed by our social education. Our reasoning often misleads us. Man sometimes kills other animals just to prove his power and manhood. But he has no right to deprive others of their right to live. The poem arouses feelings of love and sympathy for all creatures in this world. Although the poet hits the snake under the influence of his education, yet he feels sorry for his mean act. So man's natural instinct prevails in the end.
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Basically the poet wants to highlight the difference between a natural man and a rational man. By nature a man is sympathetic,considerate and peace loving.his education turns him a brutal and kills a natural man in him.if his education is taken from him,he will be a kind and generous to everyone.his intellectual considerations and worldly desires turn him into beast.moreover,his conflict is the result of same thinking.the poet wants to say this education also makes him egoistic and selfish which urges him to kill the snake to satisfy his social needs. Worldly hussain qureshi jhelum pakistan 0544 628803
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In this poem,the poet explain to us the nature of the conflict which grips his mind at the sight of the snake.The poet has drawn the conflict between the use of rational powers and intuitive powers.The poet listens to his rational voice and attacks the snake only to regret his mean and vulgar act.
The poet equates his education with forces of ignorance,cruelty and barbarity.He thinks that our rationality and  intellect produce in us fears,doubts and superstitions.It is our instinctive nature which prompts us to do the acts of goodness.
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Once again human nature change full flow of poem at last. That is not only the nature of the poet but all human being. If any person of the world will be there they do like this. So this poem is the good show of human nature.

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