Write A Critical Appreciation Of The Poem "Hawk's Monologue" By Ted Hughes.


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Ted Hughes is a modern English poet. His philosophical views are based on his deep observation and study of human nature. Death, destruction, power and violence are the main themes of his poetry. "Hawk's Monologue" is the speech of a savage bird of prey who takes pride in his unchallenged power to kill and destroy. The poem also exposes the attitude and misconceptions of power-drunk persons in this world.

This poem is a dramatic monologue delivered by the 'hawk' who boasts much of his superiority over other birds. He thinks that he is the most powerful creation of Nature and has complete right to kill others. The poet has painted "Hawk" as a symbol of absolute power, authority and destruction. The poem has symbolic significance. In fact, it is a satire on those dictators who wish to have unlimited powers for them. They develop misconceptions about their power and status.

They do not listen to any reason and believe that are the greatest on earth. They treat others with contempt and do not hesitate to torture or destroy them for their pleasure. But they forget the fact that they also have to face death and destruction. They do not accept the reality that, no one in this world is permanent, every thing changes and declines here. Sometimes they realize their mistake but too late.

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