Discuss The Poem "Patriot Into Traitor" By Robert Browning As A Dramatic Monologue.


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A dramatic monologue is a speech delivered by a character when he is alone or isolated on the stage. It can be public when the character directly addresses the audience who never respond. It can also be private in which case the audience overhear the character talking to him or herself. Shakespeare makes use of dramatic monologue in his plays. The remarkable thing about monologues is that they mostly reveal the truth and so help in solving critical problems.

"Patriot into Traitor" is also a dramatic monologue by Robert Browning. Browning's monologues have been introduced a new conversational strength to English poetry. In this poem, the poet has drawn a contemporary political scene with its turmoil and treacheries. Change of Government by coups and take-over is common in third countries. The poem is a speech delivered by a political leader who was considering a hero yesterday but due to an unfortunate political disturbance he has been branded a traitor. He was honoured and cheered by the people only a year ago.

His supporters were ready to sacrifice every thing for their beloved leader. But now they condemned him and are prepared to stone him to death. His tragic down-fall is pitiable. However, he waits for the final judgement of God and hopes to be rewarded for his good deeds. This lends an optimistic note to the poem. The poem is a fine example of a dramatic monologue.
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This poem is about the tragedy in politics comment on it

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