Discuss A Critical Appreciation Of The Poem "Politics" By W.B. Yeats.


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W.B. Yeats was an Irish poet and dramatist. His poetry is mainly imaginative, romantic and patriotic. He took active part in nationalistic politics and a literary movement and as such his poetry tends to idealise his own country, Ireland. He was also interested in mystic religion and supernatural. He believes that the reality of spirit was more ending than that of a form. To him true poetry contains a revelation in it. This is a simple, yet beautiful poem about politics and love. It tells us that in this age, politics has assumed great importance. Every body has been interested in the political activities of big countries.

But love is a great reality. Politics loses of its charm in the face of youthful beauty and burning passion of love.In this poem Yeats has contrasted the reality of politics with the reality of love. According to his view political reality cannot be denied but it is certainly questioned in the face of the greater reality of love. The girl in the poem symbolizes youth and beauty and stimulates a strong passion of love in the heart of a man. Love is a more enjoyable alternative than current political information. The world of powerful politics appears meaningless in the face of this basis need and reality. The language of the poem is simple and conversational.
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We have two realms; the realm of the political rally and the pretty girl. The poem doesn't deal with a mere political scene. It has essential implications. The reader has to notice that there is a vivid contrast between the politicians with their alarming talk which arouse death and destruction, and the girl with her beauty and peace. The citizen's attention is divided between the politicians and the girl. We find that the citizen wishes wistfully that he were young again so that he could take the girl in his arms. Thus, the politicians are too impotent to reach peace just as the man is too impotent to make love. The poet successfully manged t make the impotence of the man cas the shadow of the impotence of the politicians.

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