Can You Write A Critical Appreciation Of The Poem "Lights Out" By Edward Thomas?


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The poet of this beautiful poem Edward Thomas is known for his love for Nature and passion. In these lines he expresses his views about the experience of sleep. He describes the great alluring power which sleeps exercises over our scenes. He compares sleep with getting lost in a thick, deep forest. Sleep is a gift of nature. It makes us forget everything and brings peace and comfort to us.

The poet thinks that sleep comes to us as a great relief from our hard and painful daily routine. In our selfish craze for more and more material gain, we may not allow ourselves necessary rest. But when sleep approaches us, we, will submit ourselves to its sweet temptations. Soon we step into an unknown and mysterious dreamland. We cannot simply resist it. It is also a natural cure to our miseries and fatigue. We put the lights out and enjoy a peaceful slumber.

The poem brings out interesting aspects of sleep. The poet appreciates sleep and expresses his thankfulness for the comfort it provides. There is also the implicit resemblance of sleep and death as both are surprisingly similar in their impact. The language of the poem is simple and rhythmic.

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