Describe The Critical Summary Of The Poem The Light Of Other Days By Thomas Moore?


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Although it is one of the most revered forms of art, poetry is also considered to be the most difficult one to understand. They can greatly vary in their style and length and their themes and forms are always slightly different, meaning that no two poems are exactly the same. In order to produce an effective poem analysis, a person must learn exactly what to look for, and where they can find it.

Below are some instructions on effectively analyzing any type of poem.

  • Step one. Before you begin to write anything, you should read the poem several times in order to get a good fell of what the poem is about, along with its themes and the emotions involved. A good tip is to try reading the poem out loud.
  • Step two. Keep a notebook and pen handy next to you to jot down any words of phrases that confuse you. It is very important that you know what every word in the poem means as poets select each one very carefully.
  • Step three. You should then try to gain an idea of the dramatic situation of the poem, which can be done by making sure you know who the speaker in the poem is along with where it is taking place. Knowing what is going on will also help you with this step. Once you know all these, you will be able to identify the point of view as well as the poem's imagery.
  • Step four. This final step involves looking at the imagery and objects in the poem in order to find out what they signify. This part can take the longest because the object could be one thing or an active image. Make notes as to what you think these things could mean and how they make you feel. This will help you to discover the theme and tone of that poem.
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I suggest you read it, and then write your own summary .  It has to be written in your own words .

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