Describe A Critical Summary Of The Poem "A Poison Tree" By William Blake.


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This short but meaningful poem has been composed by the artist poet William Blake. He describes Nature in a simple but powerful language. In this poem William Blake teaches a moral lesson of great importance. He compares anger and hatred to a poison tree.
Since we do not talk to our enemies, our enmity and hatred grows rapidly. We nurse our misunderstandings with fears and strengthen them with our wicked tricks. We make secret efforts to bring about the destruction of our rivals. We adopt many ways to tempt and deceive them.

Sometimes they fail to see the dirty tricks and fall a victim to our evil designs. When we see them fallen and defeated, we feel happy and proud of our success.The poem is built on an everlasting conflict between good and evil. The poet talks of tending and nourishing hatred. This evil is an outcome of a lack of trust between friends and enemies. Friends can forget and forgive, but enemies nurse grudges.

They make plans and plots to trap each other. Disgrace and destruction of one gives special pleasures to the other. In our madness to take revenge from our opponents, we indulge in many vices and misdeeds. The poem has a question between the lines. Is it fair to give this kind of vicious treatment even to our enemies? The answer is No. It also suggests that the evil doer will not get a free hand for ever. He will certainly suffer for his wrong-things.
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The main idea of A Poison Tree is stated in the opening lines.When the speaker was angry with a friend, he said so, and that made him less angry. However, when he was angry with someone he already hated, he couldn't just tell him how he felt, so the anger just festered inside him and turned to poison. In the  end he used this poisonous anger to kill his enemy.

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