Write A Critical Summary Of The Poem "One Art" By Elizabeth Bishop


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The poem "One Art" has been composed by modern American poetess Elizabeth Bishop. The poetess suffered from loneliness in his childhood. These painful experiences of death and defeat have reflected themselves through her poetry. For her, life is a gift that always seems just out of reach. She seems to take life lightly and supportively ignoring her personal losses. She shows carelessness and indifference towards pain and suffering.

Perhaps, she believes that is the best way to live a peaceful life in this cold and cruel world.
In this poem the poetess has discussed a very important and serious theme but her attitude is somewhat mocking and non serious. She has urged us to learn and master the art of losing as it helps to include a spirit of acceptance and contentment. The loss of door keys or loss of an empire should be taken with a smiling face and a strong heart. In this way a defeat or disaster loses its bitterness and gives us hope and strength to look ahead. The most trifling incident and the greatest disaster should be faced without tears. The poetess advises us to lose something every day and then develop the courage to tolerate it. Sometimes we feel grieved and ruined over little losses and make our life miserable.

But if we make it a habit to lose and not care about it, it would develop in us a healthy approach towards the ups and downs of life. One should take mishaps as part of the game and never let them spoil the whole joy and charm of life.The poem carries a sensible message. It suggests that we should practice losing things quickly and frequently. We should also stop crying or even worrying about such common losses as befall every individual in the course of life. We can live happier and healthier life if we attain mastery on the art of losing.

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