Write A Critical Summary Of The Poem "Tartary" By Walter Delamare.


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In this poem the poet imagines himself to be the master of that glorious wonderland called Tartary. In this way he tries to satisfy his unfulfilled desires in a real life. The poem is a journey into the realm of imagination. The land of Tartary has been painted as a very far-off, charming and ideal place. It is a beautiful, rich and fertile land full of unseen and unheard of delights.

Like a mighty king the poet wishes to have an ivory bed and golden throne. His court will be decorated with beautiful creatures like peacocks. His forests will be full of tigers and his pools will abound with big fish. He would rule over men and animals alike. As lord of Tartary he would enjoy great pomp and show in his every day life. The musicians would play beautiful music in the courtyard of his palace. The bugle call will announce that the royal meal is ready. In the evening his palace will be illuminated with lamps "yellow as honey" and "red as wine".

The poet also longs to wear gorgeous dress, decorated with jewels of white, gold and green colours. Early in the morning he would dress up in royal robes and ride his carriage drawn by seven zebras. The poet also wishes to enjoy abundantly growing fruits in the land of Tartary. The silver pale rivers, hills, valleys, woods, twinkling stars, clear lakes, foamless seas and scented breeze add charm and magic to his state. Such heavenly place will transport his soul and mind into the domain of happiness.
The poem is marked with its romantic and imaginative images. Although our rational mind knows that such a place does not exist yet we allow ourselves to be allured for the time being.
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I need critical appreciation of these poems....can you tell me plz tht from where I can search it out..?
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Tartary is not an important poem so the studants of graduation don't waste there time on this poem
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The poem is of course a fantastical , romantic sort of poem which takes takes readers on the wings of imagination to a fancied land. Here , the king seems to be an absolute kind of ruler he mentions everything but no queen prince or princesses or even ministers. He wants to be the sole ruler of the kingdom. He is also the lover of animals. The poem is full of beautiful bonanza of colourful imagery. .. Really a charming poem. Isn't it?????

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