Describe A Critical Summary Of The Poem "The Vanishing Village" By R.S. Thomas.


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"The Vanishing Village" was composed by a Welsh poet, R.S. Thomas who had a deep religious background. Yet he is realistic, open-minded and cautious in his views and conclusions. This poem is an elegy on a nearly vanished village abandoned by its inhabitants due to large-scale-migration towards cities. The poet expresses his concern that the basic unit of human civilization is being neglected to selfishly.

However, in an optimistic note he hopes for a revival of the colourful life and activity of a traditional village.In the opening lines the poet presents a gloomy picture of the deserted village. There are only a few houses which have survived destruction. They are also in a miserable condition. A small street joins a public house to a shop. This street ends at the top of the little hill, which has become all barren. Grass has completely disappeared. There is no activity in the village. The black dog killing its fleas in the hot sun has become a symbol of history of village.

Life has come to a standstill. The whole place is covered by a sloth and stagnation. It presents a scene of hopeless desolation. The reason is that all its residents have shifted to big cities in search of better prospects. The poet is pained to see that this basis of human civilization is being destroyed by its founders.

However, the poet finds one sign of life and hope in the village. The girl who wanders from door to door is a symbol of revival. The poet hopes that the village will certainly come out of its present dismal condition. It will become center of activity again. The tone of the poet is nostalgic, wistful and sad. He is grieved at the decline of beautiful and gay rural culture. He loves village life and firmly believes that the deserted village will regain its vitality and dynamism life once again.

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