Describe A Criical Summary Of Poem 'In Broken Images'


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Summary of the poem In Broken Images.

A person should remain inquisitive about the image of life whether they are broken or clear. One, who trusts one's clear images without proof, becomes dull in one's life whereas the other who mistrusts his broken images becomes sharp and intelligent. Nothing should be taken for granted and one should remain thoughtful and considerate about the facts of life. Inquiry into nature if things leads one understand and accept the ground realities of life.

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I think the general idea of the poem is the difference between a logical, linear way of thinking and and a more fragmented, instinctive way. The broken images, in this sense, may give a more real view because they don't try to impose an order and completeness which don't exist.

The last lines suggest that "understanding" in this linear, ordered sense actually leads to more confusion; whereas the "broken" thinker. Who accepts the illogic and chaos of reality, by looking at things as they are gradually comes to a new understanding of himself and the world.

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