Give A Summary Of The Poem "Sindhi Women".


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The poet has depicted a graphic picture of the life of a Sindhi laborer woman while he sees one walk through the bazaar. She lives in slums of Karachi. The poet feels envious of her good health which she has attained through a lot of physical labor. The sindhi woman is going through a bazaar with bare feet because of object poverty. Her gait is graceful and impressive. There is a rhythm in her movement which can be seen in her swaying body and floating dress. She observes purdah but wind pushes the cloth from her face. She is supposed to support the family by putting in a hard labor.

She is carrying a stone jar on her head. She keeps it in a balanced position without any support of hands. She walks as smooth as the wave of a stream. She is making her way through stones, garbage and the pieces of glass. These things may symbolize difficulties of her life. The poet draws a comparison between his own dwindling health and the enviably good health of the Sindhi woman. He is of the view that those who exert physically enjoy good health.

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