Can You Give Me A Summary Of The Open Window?


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At the beginning of this story, Frampton Nuttal, a man who is in the countryside as a rest cure for his nerves, is sitting talking to Vera, a 15 year old girl. Vera is a niece of Mrs Sappleton, a woman to whom Frampton has been given a letter of introduction by his sister.

While they are waiting for Mrs Sappleton to come downstairs, Vera tells Frampton that her aunt's husband and two young brothers were drowned in the marshes while out shooting several years ago. The tragedy sent the aunt out of her mind, and she always keeps the French window (glass door) into the garden open, believing that they will come back.

Mrs Sappleton then arrives, apologising for the open window and explaining that she is expecting her husband and brothers any moment. Frampton plays along with her, until he is horrified by seeing three figures, and a dog, coming out of the dusk towards the house. He runs away in panic; the husband and brothers arrive, very puzzled by the guest's strange behaviour. Vera calmly tells them that it must have been the dog; he told her he was terrified of dogs after being attacked by wild dogs in India.

Vera is very good at making up stories quickly.
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Hey that one who had that summary he has left one thing that the last line was''romance at short notice was vera's speciality''

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