What Are The Characters Of The Open Window?


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The main character is Framptom Nuttell. He suffers from nervous problems, and loves talking about his illnesses. He is also very timid, and easily deceived as we see from how readily he believes Vera's story.

Vera is the other main character. She is clever, quick-witted, very inventive and has a cruel, ironical sense of humour. She enjoys terrifying Frampton (whose doctors have warned him not to get into frightening situations.) She is also a good actress - she manages to make Frampton believe that she is also terrified of the "ghosts", for instance.

Mrs Sappleton is kind, polite but quite absorbed in her own concerns. She isn't very interested in her visitor, but tries to be kind to him. We can guess that she is also fooled by Vera.

Mrs S's husband, and Frampton's sister, don't really appear enough in the story for their characters to be established.

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