What Are The Feeling Of Characters In Open Window?


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Meaning that beloved short story by HH (Hector Hugh) Munro, "The Open Window?"  Had it as a freshman about 50 years ago. "Bertie, why do you bound?" Okay, the guy who came to stay was visiting out in the country because he was flippin out. He needed some of my Xanax. The lady was quite nice but very naive, not realizing what Son? Nephew? Hey, it's been 50 years! ...was scheming. The lodger was a coward, but he felt a little better when the boy seemed to take a liking to him by warning him about the spook and his dog. Naive lady couldn't figure out why lodger panicked, not knowing that the kid had set him up because the fellow coming back from hunting always came the same way at the same time of the day and said the same thing to his dog, Bertie.

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