Can You Give Me A Brief Summary Of Cinderella?


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Cinderellas father marries a new wife after her mother has dies, the new wife has two daughters. Eventually Cinderella's father dies and the step mother and step sisters pretty much enslave Cinderella. She has friends who are mice. There is a big ball coming up for the price to find a wife, and Cinderella wants to go, the stepmother says you can go if you finish your chores. The whole time since she has known about the ball her friends the mice and her have been working on a dress for the ball. So she finishes her chores and goes to meet her stepsisters and stepmother at the door and when she gets there they are jealous and rip up her dress. She runs outside and cries. All of the sudden hairy godmother shows up and turns her ragged dress into a beautiful one, she turns her shoes into glass slippers and a pumpkin into a carriage, and the mice are the coachmen. She tells her all of this will change back at midnight, so she goes to the ball and dances with the prince. She runs out at midnight and loses a shoe on the way out. After they get out of eye distance the carriage and coachmen turn back into a pumpkin and mice and the dress turns back into the ragged one. The Prince finds the shoe and goes to every house to find the girl who wore that shoe, when the stepmother learns of this she locks Cinderella in her room, so when the price comes she will not be able to try the shoe on. The mice get the key while the sisters are trying the shoe on and unlock her door she comes down puts the shoe on and it fits her perfectly. The prince and her get married and the live happily ever after. The End.
Its not perfect but I hope it helps!
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Cinderella is a young girl who has a nasty step mother and two nasty step sisters.One night the three of them go to a party because they are invited but they leave cinderella at home but a fairy god mother comes and puts things right.

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