I Need A Poem For A Pastors Anniversary, Can You Help?


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Poems are a great way to say ‘Thank you’ to your pastor for another year of his ministerial duties at your church. They can be put onto greetings cards, slides, posters or be printed onto the church bulletin. Try and do this yourself by thinking about the words that spring to mind when you think about your pastor. Use these words to then set the scenery for your poem. The poem doesn’t need to rhyme, but it should flow freely always read it out aloud and get other people to give you some feedback before you decide to use it. If you are not a creative person who can’t write poems, then you need to find someone who could put your words into rhymes, what you would like to say in words to your pastor. There are plenty of Internet sites where you can find different poems that can be scribed into your thank you cards and gifts.

Another way would be to approach a creative writing group in your local area. These groups tend to meet weekly or monthly and are a group of writers interested in writing fiction, biography and poetry. Most amateur writers are willing to offer their services for free in a hope that their work is credited thus raising their profile in their particular area of expertise. This will give you a more personalised poem for your pastor. Finally, there are students at college and universities on English degrees which again, may be willing to undertake voluntary writing. A final idea to write this poem could be to organise a 'brain-storming' session with other members of the parish who could also offer their contributions to the poem. You never know there could be a future poet laureate amongst them that you never knew about.
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I need a welcome for pastor and wife anniversary to read
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I need a poem for our pastor anniversary.  We are the church with one heart beat.
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(prayerfully your pastor is Church of Christ)
A pastors' duty is to tell us the truth.
He ends with the old and starts with the youth.
Year after year you've found an ear to get closer
to the Lord. This year we are thankful you are still
here. We will prepare ourselves for judgment
and not sleep with an open ear.
Thank You Pastor....

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