I Need To Find A Poem For A Bridal Shower Recipe Card, Can You Help?


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When writing a poem for a bridal shower recipe card, try to be as creative as you can. Think about the personality and interests of the bride and throw in a reference or two to her husband-to-be. The best poems are usually those that get a laugh from the guests.
If you do not want to trust your own creative juice,s or have been finding your inspiration lacking, have a look at the huge number of wedding magazines and publications that are dedicated to all things wedding based. There are also some great websites online where previous wedding shower guests or brides have shared their favorite bridal shower recipe card poems.
One of the websites that is worth a visit can be found at this link: This website seems to have a never ending supply of funny and thought provoking poems that are sure to make guests either laugh with hysterics or reach for the tissues. People can add to the website content too, so there is always new content available to view.
Another website worth having a look at can be found at this link: This website contains a number of poems that can inspire other guests or brides to create their own. Some examples of the poems on offer include the following offering:
"(Bride) will soon take on many positions:
Wife, best friend, head chef of her kitchen!
Enclosed is a card, but it's not to keep.
Please fill it with your favorite recipe!
We'll present them to (Bride), in hope to impart
recipes that warm not just bellies - but the heart."
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(Bride) and (Groom) will soon say, “I do.”
They’ve got lots of love, but they’ll need to eat too!
(Bride) might like to try your favorite cake,
or that dish your friends always ask you to make.
“Whisk the egg yolks, bake one hour...”
Please bring your recipe to (Bride’s) bridal shower!
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Enclosed for you is a recipe card.
To fill it in shouldn't be hard.
(Bride's name) might like to try your favorite cake,
or whatever it is you like to make.
So don't forget this card on this special date.
Fill it in now, don't hesitate.
At the shower will be a recipe box to fill.
So bring this recipe card, if you will.

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