I Need A Poem To Let Someone Know I Am Still Standing By His Side. Can You Help?


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I'll stand by you, through thick and thin
Through every high and low
When you don't know where to begin
Or which way you should go
I'll be a shoulder when you cry
A firm pillar of strength
From morning 'til the moon is high
I'll be within arm's length.


I'll stand by you, should you succumb
To a harsh hand of fate
Then, show you all you can become
And what you can create
I'll lift your sinking spirit high
Above the clouds and rain
And be your most trusted ally
'til you are whole again.


I'll stand by you, when light of day
Falls victim to the night
A beacon sent to guide your way
Toward newfound futures bright
I'll hold your hand; I'll heal your heart
I will always be true
Just as I've been, right from the start
I will be there for you.

Is it good?
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Plz I want to know that the meaning of Someone poem . What does the poet mean and what he want  to state to our? Can you explain this?
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Poem are good, but if you want it to say to someone, your words are better. It matters not if you miss a rhyme, or not fill the page, every line.  Just say what you feel, let it come from your heart, then I know your friend will know you will not depart.
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Ummm basically I believe song writers are better...
just find the perfect song that you think expresses your feelings.
&&& if there's more than one song make them a cd.
like they say music is love...
&&& love is music.

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