I Need A Love Poem That Says I Am Sorry? Can You Help?


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          I Am Sorry    I did not intend to hurt you  The way, I realize now, I did.  Your love means the world to me  And it always will.  I will do whatever it takes  To prove the same to you.  Ever since I met you  And your love enveloped my heart  I knew for sure that  A new chapter in my life would begin from the start.  Forgive me for the hurt I have brought.  I have tried making it up to you through each little chance I got.  You have my love for now and forever.  Just three words, eight letters, but so tough to say.  The words seem to get stuck inside me, somewhere tucked away.  But this is too vital to let them have their way.  I should try to say it now, I must today.  I am sorry.  I am sorry for being too emotional  I am sorry for being mean  I am sorry that I cry for you  I am sorry cause I can't imagine my life without you  I am sorry for my self-centered love  I am sorry I cared not enough  But trust me when I say that I Love You  Should I say sorry for that, too?  Sorry for each time I have hurt you  Sorry incase you do not like anything I say or do  Sorry for the times I have put up a fight  Sorry I don't understand why I just can't do a thing right  Sorry if I am sometimes so complicated  Sorry for making you feel frustrated  Sorry I am unable to fight back the tears  Sorry for times I kept you away from peers.      Hopefully you like my poem and I wish you and your boyfriend work everything out and Good Luck. Best Wishes...     
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Allow me to compose a poem for you now...


Hey, this is hard!

Okay: A poem called, YOU SCREWED UP WOMAN - Once you were younger and happier too, But now you are with me and now you are blue. You wasted your dreams and you ruined you life, by letting yourself ever become my wife. For I am a loser and I am a drunk, and I once had dreams too, but all of them stunk, Together we weep at the chorus of voices who say "you deserve this for making bad choices. "You could have gone far and you could have soared high," but instead you settled for an empty souled guy. "So don't you complain girl, just grab you some booze too, "and accept your fate which in time you'll get used to." ......I don't know if this will help. But it is a poem. On the other hand, why not consider GROWING UP! Quit acting like a moron and try becoming the kind of guy your wife would be proud of! Long ago you made her all sorts of promises about your lives together and your futures, but did you really mean it or was it all just lies? If you meant it, get back to work and make those dreams come true. The problem with every drinker I know is that they are only thinking of themselves. You are supposed to be living for making her happy every day, but you don't really even try any more. Yo don't need a poem, you need a clear head and a strong will and a good heart. Otherwise, I promise you this - the future will bring little happiness for you. Right now is decision time. Right now.
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Please stop drinking and get help.  Then be honest and say what is in your heart- if you love her tell her, show her and spend time with her.  I once heard that 'love' is spelled "T I M E "  Listen, my young husband died unexpectedly last year- so life is short= too short to be wasting time and not nurturing your marriage- listen it is NOT worth losing your family to a drink.
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Don't let someone write a poem for you, it's cheating. Write a poem that you can do. It isn't hard. It's like taking someone's feeling's and copying it.
Write a poem that you can express your feelings. Express your feelings into the paper, and write away. Trying, asleast will help, right?
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The best thing is that you should leave drinking. It would be a better sorry to your friend. For getting the poem click on the link:
Sorry poem
You will find it at the end of the page
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I like this guy so much. And he know but I really like him. But he don't understand that I really really like him what should I do. What should I  say to him tell help me.

I did something to hurt him and now he's mad at me I said sorry that he did say anything back. He told me that he's ,ovies and I got so mad at him and I told him if he want to leave he could leave. And he got mad at me beacuse I said that but I told him that I was really sorry should I leave him along I need  help.
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No I don't but please stop drinking
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I accused my boyfriend of cheating on me and made a big scene infront of his family.

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